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PC Repair - Rennison IT will repair your machine to get it back to full working order. Our engineers carry years of experience and knowledge. We are so confident, that we offer a no fix no fee.

PC Installation and setup gives users a fast, efficient way to get started. We will install and set up your machines with all the appropriate software, providing you with full satisfaction and peace of mind.

Website Design and Maintenance – Over the past few years Rennison IT has successfully designed and marketed cost effective websites for businesses. Our professional website designers work with each of our clients personally to assure website development solutions which are right for each business.

Software and Hardware Installation – A common struggle for any company or home user is installing certain software and upgrading their current hardware. Rennison IT provides an efficient installation service, allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

PC Security – Technology is changing and therefore a vast amount of PC and network security options are available. At Rennison IT, we realise the difficulties users face when trying to decide the best way to protect their PC or network from unwanted viruses or Trojans. Our experienced engineers will advise users on the most suitable method of PC protection available.

Maintenance and Setup of home/office networks – Have you ever thought of networking your computer’s together? Ever wondered what it would be like to share data across several PC’s? Want to share Internet connection? Well look no further, at Rennison IT we can cater for all your networking needs, whether it be a wireless or non wireless solution. Our team of specialists can maintain all your current networks, check for problems and keep your network as stable as possible.

PC Purchasing help - Rennison IT realises the problems home users and small offices have in purchasing the right PC at the right price and from the right vendor. Therefore we can offer you the service of one of our engineers to accompany you to purchase your PC. So no hassles of being confused by sales jargon or even the headache of haggling over freebies. This is just a one of fee of £50.00
We can also recommend and source computer equipment of all types.

Technical Advice - Our engineers are always at hand to answer any of your technical queries and this is a free service offered to you.
Just email us your query at: support